AndhaDhun (Title Track) Song Lyrics, AndhaDhun Movie Song Lyrics, Sung by Raftaar

AndhaDhun Song Lyrics

The lyrics of the title trackAndhaDhun” by Raftaar exquisitely encapsulate the essence of the film. Raftaar, renowned for his lyrical prowess, weaves a narrative that mirrors the suspense and intrigue inherent in the movie. The words unfold with rhythmic precision, creating an immersive experience that resonates with the unpredictable twists and turns of the storyline. Raftaar’s mastery over language is evident as he seamlessly blends the musicality of his verses with the enigmatic atmosphere of “AndhaDhun,” delivering a title track that not only complements the film but stands as a work of art in its own right.

In this musical creation, Raftaar skillfully employs wordplay and poetic devices to enhance the listener’s engagement. The lyrics not only narrate the thematic elements of the movie but also serve as a sonic backdrop, intensifying the overall cinematic experience. The title track, a harmonious marriage of Raftaar’s lyrical ingenuity and the film’s suspenseful narrative, beckons the audience to delve deeper into the world of “AndhaDhun,” where every note and word contributes to the enigmatic allure that defines the cinematic masterpiece.

AndhaDhun Song Lyrics

Shak Ne Sab Ko Jakda Hai
Sach Ne Sab Ko Pakda Hai
Bachna Sab Ka Mushkil Hai
Sab Ka Sabse Lafda Hai
Hawa Mein Sab Ko Tune Dikhe
Seene Pe Na Khoon Dikhe
Din Mein Sab Ko Moon Dikhe
Jab Andhe Ko Bhi Khoon Dikhe
Andha Bole Maine Dekha
Andhe Ki Na Sun
Baaje Re Baaje Re Baaje Re
Baaje Re AndhaDhun Baaje Re AndhaDhun
Baaje Re AndhaDhun Baaje Re AndhaDhun….

Iski Qismat Likhni Hai
Jaldi Se Tu Chawk La
Likh Ke Mita Doonga
Aur Tu Payega Rok Na
Iska Ab Khoon Choosna Hai
Jaldi Se Zok La
System Ka Na Dar Hai
Kyuki System Poora Khokhla
Ankhon Pe Patti Hai
Dhool Or Matti Hai
Koyi Na Bhonkega
Maine Daal Di Sab Ko Haddi Hai
Room Mein Karlo Khoon
Arre Kanoon Ko Kon Batayega
Kanoon Ke Paas Jo Jayega
Woh Andha Ho Ke Aayega
Baaje Re AndhaDhun
Baaje Re AndhaDhun
Baaje Re AndhaDhun…..

Luka Chhipi Aankh Micholi
Khel Yeh Aisa Hona Hai
Go Gol Duniya Hai
Chhipne Ka Na Koyi Kona Hain
Aankh Meech Kar Doodh Piye
Billi Samjhe Sab Andhe Hain
Duniya Dekh Ke Hansti Hai
Sab Jaane Gande Dhande Hain
Band Aankh Bin Munh Kar Kaan
Khade Tu Bhi Yeh Sun
Baaje Re Baaje Re Baaje Re
Baaje Re AndhaDhun
Baaje Re AndhaDhun
Baaje Re AndhaDhun
Baaje Re AndhaDhun
Baaje Re AndhaDhun….
Baaje Re Baaje Re Baaje Re
Baaje Re AndhaDhun

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AndhaDhun Song Information

  • Song: AndhaDhun
  • Singer: Raftaar
  • Movie: AndhaDhun
  • Lyrics: Raftaar, Girish Nakod
  • Live Bass: Naresh Kamath
  • Piano: Jarvis Menezes
  • Label: Zee Music Company

The song “AndhaDhun” features Raftaar as the singer and is part of the movie with the same name. The lyrics are a collaborative effort between Raftaar and Girish Nakod. The live bass is played by Naresh Kamath, and Jarvis Menezes contributes to the music with the piano. The song is released under the label Zee Music Company.